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Testimonials about Fall Protection Training and Consulting by Mark Damon
Mark Damon worked with major US companies, including:
MSHA, OSHA, ANSI, AGCO Corporation, Sprint, Boeing, Spirit Aerospace, PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, Cargill, General Motors, U.S. Navy, Whiteman AFB, SPX, Butler Mfg, J.E. Dunn, Peter Kiewit, Union Pacific, Burlington Northern,General Mills, University of Missouri, Kansas State University, Anheuser Busch, Bunge Grain, Bartlett Grain, Schwan Foods, Kansas City Power and Light, Western Resources, Bayer, NCRA Refinery, Koch, and Tyson Foods



I have listened to Mark speak about Fall Protection for the last 20 years and the message never gets old. Mark's expertise in the field is unparalleled. His "40 year" time travel presentation was unique because he has been in the field long enough to see the introduction of fall protection (belts) and the promulgation of standards to know what has worked and what hasn't. His new religion on ladders is inspiring and convincing. I also enjoyed his "Hall of Fame" slides and the simplistic fall protection standard he wrote himself. This presentation was a gem! Mark is such a dynamic speaker. We were honored to have him.  ASSE; Heart of America ASSP Hybrid Workshop

Mark is a wonderful speaker. His passion and knowledge of the topic is expressed through a polished presentation. There are few presentation you can hear and still reflect on years later. The presentation is well designed and the flow of information is staircased so that you are gradually led to the presentations well thought out conclusion. ASSE; Heart of America ASSP Hybrid Workshop

I appreciated Mark's personal commentary, and the stories drove home the points.  ASSE; Heart of America ASSP Hybrid Workshop

“You have been a pioneer in fall protection---maybe the first pioneer of shock absorbers! It’s great to work with you Mark; your experience has no equal.” - J. Nigel Ellis, Ph.D., PE, CSP, CPE


Hi Mark, Thank you so much for the outstanding training.  Really, it is just so damn good.  You are very important to this issue, and your training touches so many workers and saves lives.  Thank you for doing what you do. ~Iowa Western Economic & Workforce Development

Mark, It was a pleasure to have you present at the conference this year and spend some time with us. Your presentation was great, to the point, humorous and very well received by our audience. Our board takes pride in having professional, nationally recognized and noteworthy speakers present each and every year.  Thank you for your part in upholding this tradition.  We wish you continued success in your endeavors to promote and encourage safety.  ~Eric C. Frandsen, Frey Electrical Contractors, Western New York (New York Safety Conference)

Mark, I'd just like to say again that today was one of the BEST trainings I have ever had! Not just best Fall Protection training, but any kind. You have a true gift. Thanks for your continued work with Barr.  ~John Loff-Peterson


Mark, I just wanted to pass along to you that at our Foreman’s meeting Tuesday afternoon I had nothing but good comments about the training, “He kept it interesting and all of us engaged in the training”, “Mark is an excellent presenter”, “I thought I knew a lot about fall protection but I picked up on several things I did not know”,…They appreciated the sharing of past fall hazard conditions and how they were overcome, and they liked the sharing of the OSHA, ANSI, Hess & Caton encounters. Three of the four Ceco employees who were in attendance were more than happy sharing some of what they had learned with the rest of the group during open discussions at the foreman’s meeting, and there was a little bragging of test scores. Well done, time & money well spent. I am sure I will hear more of the same with the KC group. ~Jim Caton, Sr. Regional Safety Manager, Heico Construction Group


Mark, Thank you for the excellent training!! You really opened my eyes!! Thank you for the dinner and companionship on Monday night as well.

I believe you are making a difference. ~ Clayton Bink, CHOBANI, New Berlin, NY


Hi Mark! Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed and learned alot from your class. It is so incredible that you have spent a life time with fall protection, what a pascal of knowledge. It's amazing that not only do you know the history, but that you were a part of it. Thanks for a not only good, but fun class.  ~Be Safe - Becky, A competent person!


"Mark Damon has been training Fall Protection Safety and Equipment Inspection for our group of EHS Professionals for many years, and everyone always wants him back again the next year because he is such a great presenter.  Mark Damon shows us how important the correct fall protection is and just how important it is to do a good inspection!"  -EHS Network of Kansas.


"Mark Damon has extensive knowledge and background in fall protection and fall protction training.  Mark conducted training for all the OSHA inspectors and Consultation a few years ago when I worked with the consultation program in Kansas.  Mark has conducted fall protection training for the EHS Network every couple of years since the early 1990's and also for AGCO Corporation.  I recently brought several of our employees to attend his training, because he is the best fall protection trainer I've ever seen present.  He is an excellent presenter who keeps everyone's attention!  Attending Mark's presentation helped our employee's recognize the fall hazards, the proper fall protection equipment we should use and how to inspect it."  -Deborah Grow, Corporate Safety Director McPherson Concrete


"Mark Damon is very well connected in the Kansas City, MO business community and surrounding area. Mark and his organization are very professional and successful at representing a manufacturer with the manufacturer's preferred client's dealer network and end-user market. I recommend Mark Damon as one of the strongest manufacturer's representatives in the Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas markets."  -Terry Oelkers Director of Sales - HazMat Division (Terry was with another company when he worked with Mark Damon)


"Mark Damon has spoken and trained at many of Performance Contracting Inc. Safety Summits, and Safety Management Classes (over 20 through 2011). His knowledge of the subject matter, and his unique way of presenting it has been a great part of the success in PCI’s Fall Protection Safety Performance (Zero Fall Incidents and/or Equipment failure in the last 10 years). Mark keeps the attendees engaged, and his ability to keep the information flowing to the attendees in way that they retain it is second to none. When it comes to Fall Protection, Mark Damon is the one you want, and you will want him back many times." - Ed Loosemore at P.C.I. Performance Contracting Inc.


"Members of the group that attended your training are still talking about it. I now have a diverse group of employees who have a heightened awareness of fall protection/rigging issues." - Lisa at A.E.P. Indiana Michigan Power


"Attending one of Marks training classes "helped our team understand the correct product selection for the specific fall hazard" - Making it as simple as learning the ABC's." -anonymous.


"Mark ...Consistently demonstrates his safety knowledge, expertise and technical capacity.  Keeps current with new industry trends and then applies them in his courses where he sees they are beneficial to his clients. Demonstrates a positive attitude and makes class participants feel like they can accomplish course goals and objectives." - Derek Bell Safety Director, Kansas City Power and Light


"Mark Damon has been training Fall Protection Safety and Equipment Inspection for our company for six years, and we’ve been using his video How Safe is That Safety Belt for much longer. His presentation style is right on with what our on-the-line employees need and require. He captures the working audience with his experience, knowledge and skills, so much so, our employees learn something new every year. He’s also been a key subject expert in performing on-site audits along with our safety professionals. We look forward to his yearly visits! Teri Novotny, T&D Specialist-Safety, Schwan’s Global Supply Chain, Inc." - Teri Novotny Training & Development Specialist / Safety CTT+ Schwan’s Global Supply Chain, Inc.


"Mark's live and video-based training are different from the generic fall protection training out there. His knowledge and passion make an impression that keeps the audience attentive and interested. His style is practical and personable. Highly recommended." - Charles L. Bone, CIH | EHS Specialist 3M Electronic Solutions Division


"A little over eleven years ago, Mark Damon took on the task of creating a Fall Protection training class for our in-house trainers at Frito-Lay's Manufacturing sites nationwide. While our company had a good understanding of the law, Mark took us beyond legal requirements and helped us understand what happens to your body during a fall. His straight foreword presentations skills helped him relate with our employees and has lead to a clear understanding of how to select the correct equipment for the task at hand. More importantly, each and every trainer walked away from his class with a crystal clear understanding of how and why you inspect each harness before you don and then correctly use the appropriate equipment for each task." - Gary Bowser, retired Safety Professional with Frito-Lay Incorporated.


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