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What is an AVD? Watch this video to learn more:


What method are you using to confirm the strength of different anchors you are using? How do you confirm they are installed properly? AVDs can verify the strength of many structural anchors.

Fall Protection Anchorage Verification Device
Why not VERIFY with an Improved Anchorage Verification Device?
What to proof test to and WHY?
Standards for Personal Fall Arrest Systems are often confusing and left to interpretation.  Therefore, VERI5000 has provided a guide to help you make an educated decision based on the standards and equipment you are using


In today’s litigious world, verification and documentation are essential.


The VERI5000 AVD™ provides a proof-test and documentation through a downloadable application with Bluetooth technology. 

After proof-testing an anchor self-laminating tags with zip ties can document that the anchor has been verified.

Videos for Veri5000



VERI5000 Technical Presentation

What is an AVD?

VERI5000 Hands-On Training

Getting Around Obstruction

Structure (Remote Tester) Device

VERI5000 Maintenance

VERI5000 Testing Scaffolding Anchors

Examples of Construction Anchor Testing

Permanent Engineered HLL AVD

Competent User

Users are required to get 100% on their exam in order to receive a certificate and become a competent user.  


Users who receive less than 100% will be directed to watch the video again and take the exam once more.

Competent EXAM

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