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Newsletter December 18, 2016

Newsletter December 18, 2016

1. Introducing Veri5000.

2. Can it be true? A new walking/working surfaces standard? It’s true, it’s true!

3. What’s new with ANSI Z359?

4. Fall protection training

New in the world of Fall Protection

Announcing Veri5000!

Verified your anchor points recently? Probably not

Probably one of the most important issues in a good fall protection program is the verification of anchor points. Everyone knows it needs to be done, but rarely does it happen. Of course, we have all heard the training sage, “well, if it will hold up a pick-up truck…..”. Ever seen it done? I haven’t, and I have been in the business for forty years! Well, finally there is a product to do just that.

Introducing the Veri5000.

A new product brought in from Europe, where for some reason it seems most new products come from (remember the self-retracting lifeline?)

Anchorage Testing by the Competent Person

What method are you using to confirm the strength of different anchors you are using? How do you confirm they are installed properly? AVDs can verify the strength of many structural anchors. The Veri5000 is designed for a competent person to verify the anchor point with a simple test device.


The product can be modified with Bluetooth capability to conveniently store all verification's on a tablet computer.

Please contact me if you have any questions. 816.896.1849

Or check it out on my website

Can it be true? It’s True, it’s true!

As I have anticipated, it is a rework based upon 1926.500, the construction fall protection standard that has been out since 1996.

I am currently reviewing and will have comments in the next few weeks.

The preamble full text is more than 800 pages. Watch for my next newsletter for my interpretation of what this means to industry.

What’s new with ANSI Z359?

Do you really want anything new? Obviously the largest standard ever for anything, unless of course, you count the Bible as a standard! Please pay attention to Z359.2. I believe this could have legal liability concerning how your fall protection program is written. They did no one any favors by calling their program “MINIMUM Requirements for a Comprehensive Managed Fall Protection Program”. Also, pay attention to the requirements for leading edge self retracting lifelines. Please ensure you are using the correct product for your applications. They say it does not apply to construction, but this is where this product is normally used.

Fall Protection Training
Make sure you are covering the critical material with your employees. I do not believe the commonly used ABCs of fall protection training employed by most companies gets the job done. I have developed a new program where I emphasize the anchorage points and clearances as the critical components in effective training. I am planning a class in Denver, Colorado this winter. Please contact me if you’re interested 816.896.1849

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