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Extended again..... quickly is becoming the infamous revision

So, we have another extension on what quickly is becoming the infamous revision to ANSI Z 359.14.

The can has been kicked down the road for another six months until August 2023. It seems to be a standard that just can’t let good enough be alone.

If the goal is to obfuscate and confuse, the changes are a resounding success. Maybe it is a good idea to keep the customers unaware of what is what. Will the old product still meet ANSI? Well, maybe. But my guess is that it will take the lawyers to decide that one. Are the old clearance charts any good? Well, maybe again. Can you use a Class A or Class B in a scissors lift? Well, I think you may be getting the idea by now.

What has happened to ANSI and self-retracting lifelines? Anybody been around long enough to remember when they quietly tried to reinstate factory inspections on an annual basis. If you wait around long enough, it surely will come back.

Before August rears its ugly head and is in your rear view mirror, ask a few questions. Why did the test weight for drop tests go from a force factor of 1.4:1 to 1.2:1 then to 1:1. Congratulations, a human body now applies the same force to the equipment as a steel weight!

Ask what lanyard do they recommend when your worker is 4-6’ above the next walking/working surface.

Ask which self-retracting lifeline must be used when the anchor is lower than your shoulders, but above your knee.

The government likes donut holes, well we have one here!

Ask how much more needless weight will my workers be carrying on their back for 8 hours a day.

Ask to see a copy of the warning card that is to be supplied with every Class 2 SRL.

You should show this to your company lawyer. Still time to ask questions.

By Mark Damon, Damon Inc.

Follow Mark on Twitter: @DFallProtection


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